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I help people with some of these issues:

  •      Anxiety/stress

  •      Mild to moderate depression

  •      Low self-esteem/self-worth

  •      Persistent Shame 

  •      Long term recovery from substance use

  •      Life transitions  

  •      Relationships difficulties    


Anxiety is meant to keep us safe from danger and on high alert. In your everyday life, it is distressing to feel constantly tense, overwhelmed, or even detached without being able to control it; you are tired of this sense of dread. Maybe you have been avoiding pursuing what is important to you or getting close to people. You may have practiced some quick tips like slow breathing but it is not solving the problem.  

Relationship difficulties

  • You have felt hurt repeatedly by people you care about. It makes you feel alone but you find it hard to express what you want and need; as a result you can't let go of resentment or just try to please others.

  • You find it scary to say "no" to people in your life and stay in unhealthy relationships.

  • You feel alone and not sure if you fit in anywhere.


In our work you will identify your own needs and practice becoming comfortable taking  care of yourself and setting limits with others.  By feeling more connected to yourself, it will help   you be closer to people you care about.

Long term recovery from substance use

  • You have succeeded in abstaining from alcohol or drugs but wonder and "now what?"

  • You'd like to learn to handle stress and conflicts without using

  • You would like to understand and heal the root cause of your addiction 

I believe that most people engage in addictive behaviors to numb themselves from their emotions, be they painful or even joyful.

Low self-esteem/self-worth

  • Low self-esteem can be debilitating when you lack self-confidence and don't value yourself. 

  • If you have low self-worth you may feel like you don't deserve good things such as being loved.

  • So you ignore yourself and push through. You feel like you have failed yourself and are not happy with yourself. 


I can help you heal by going back to the root of these beliefs; powerful exercises can help you gain an empowered sense of yourself; I will gently and respectfully guide you through them.

How I can help

In our work together, we will establish a relationship of trust and safety that will allow us to address the root of your distress as well as the symptoms.  Usually, these issues developed in the past as a way of coping with difficult situations but do not work anymore.  As a result, you may gain self-confidence, find your own voice and feel more at peace with yourself.

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